Getting real tired of your sh*t. Naturingan pa namang… GRR!!

Getting real tired of your sh*t. Naturingan pa namang… GRR!!


What if I’m the silent type? Should I be sorry that I have my own weirdness? I may start off being quiet, but really, get to know me more and you’ll realize that I’m actually wild. Sorry if I talk less. Sometimes, I’m allergic to people. Less talk, less mistakes.

personal rant

A Clitoris is actually an undeveloped penis; since we all, at some point, are both male and female in the uterus, before the dominate gene takes over, the penis on a female and a male is actually the same. And once the dominate gene takes over for a male, the clit actually develops into a penis, so technically, when a girl says: suck my dick… I guess it’s kinda politically correct…










That’s also why guys have nipples. 

wow i actually didn’t know that

Lol when I took gender studies in high school our teacher told us this and every guy in the room looked terrified

Basic mammalian biology.

I thought this was common knowledge? O.o well, passing it on to educate others :)

Actually female is the default genetic setting so penises are just giant grotesque clitorises.

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